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Tax-Free Techniques for Leaving Living Inheritances to Your Children

Many of us will live into our 80s and 90s as a result of rising life expectancies.

Your children will most likely inherit money in their 60s or 70s.

Consider tax-advantaged strategies for passing assets on while you’re still alive.

Each year, give your children “gift” dollars. Gifting your children’s inheritance tax-free now can allow you to all enjoy this special time together.

By giving them money now, you’ll reduce your overall assets that taxes may be required to pay when you die.

When you die, your heirs will pay fewer taxes and keep more of your assets.

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Top Seven Insurance Buying Mistakes To Avoid

Insurance is an essential component of any financial strategy.

Most people drastically underestimate the amount of insurance coverage they actually need.

Don’t make the mistake of leaving out your most expensive items by accident.
Purchasing too much insurance will result higher costs to you.

Insurance coverage can eat up a significant portion of your monthly income, but it is money that is well spent.