Funeral Planning Services And Final Expense Insurance

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There are several ways you can alleviate the burden from family when it comes to planning and paying your final arrangements.

Often times people fail to know where to start planning because….well, let’s face it, thinking about one’s own mortality is tough. 

Most people spend months planning for a new baby, a wedding, college and other significant life events. However, funerals are one of the most significant event that a family will have to go through and one of the most overlooked.

Costs can be overwhelming for families and lead to incurring debt, asking for donations, and conflict with other family members in order to fund a burial or cremation.

Spreading out the costs with a life insurance policy or a pre-planned funeral can allow family members to focus on healing rather than trying to make tough decisions or find money they didn’t know they would need.

About our Planning Services….

Final Expense / Burial Insurance

Agent with contract of life insurance policy

-Helps to fund your funeral through a whole life insurance policy.  

There is a limited death benefit that ranges between $5 – $40K to cover your burial, left over debt or other final life expenses.

Most often final expense coverage can be applied for and obtained in the same day. There are no medical exams to take and you choose your own beneficiary. Lastly, coverage can not be terminated unless you stop making payments.

Final expense insurance is a great fit for those who need a lower premium payment and would like more flexibility in how the benefit is used by the family. The benefit is portable if you should move and can be used for reasons other than a funeral.

Pre-Need Planning Services With Funding

Legacy of Love

Through the Legacy of Love program we can help you plan, estimate the costs and spread out the payments of your funeral arrangements. 

Legacy of Love is a concierge style planning service that allows you to choose what you want for your funeral from the comfort of your own home without having to visit the funeral home.

The process is quick and easy. We help you through it every step of the way.

If you choose put a plan in place your contract will be safely kept in a trust that is similar to a funeral home. But unlike a funeral home, the plan is portable in case you move and you choose the beneficiary.

In addition, you will be provided with a binder with all the details of what you want to share with your family as well as any additional information you would like to leave as a legacy. 

You will be given access to an online portal as well that you can share with family or make changes to your plan. That way your family will know exactly what your wishes are when they need to make important decisions.

With Legacy of Love you are not purchasing actual services, but you are able to document your choices and pay for your plan so that it removes all the burden of planning from your family.

Legacy of Love is not offered in all states so please inquire to: [email protected] to see if your state is approved for this program.


Pre-Need Funeral Plans

Funeral Planning Service

Pre-need funeral packages are typically offered through local funeral homes.  However, we are contracted with several large funeral homes to offer basic funeral packages to our clients in those states.

The benefits of obtaining a pre-need package is that you lock in the cost of your funeral today. 

Another benefit is that a funeral coordinator will organize your funeral for your family at a funeral home that they choose within the same state. 

Lastly, you will know exactly what you are purchasing and can make payments on it.

Funeral packages are funded and backed by a limited pay life insurance policy and the beneficiary will be designated as the coordinating funeral home in your state. 

These packages can be a great fit for someone who wants a simple cremation or has already purchased a burial plot at a specific cemetery and know you will not be moving.

These packages do not include the actual grave site, marker or vault if you should choose a burial. So you would need to save additional funds or have additional insurance in place to take care of the rest. 

These plans are currently available in California, Texas and Ohio. However, new states are continuously being added. Please inquire at [email protected] and see if your state has been added.

Do you need help preplanning your needs?

Are you ready to get started?  We can help you put a financial plan in place to help protect your family from the financial burden of paying for your final expenses. 

We can also help you either purchase a funeral package or make the choices so that your family doesn’t have to guess, over spend or wonder who’s going to pay for your final wishes.  It will all be taken care of….which provides peace of mind for both you and your family.

Book An Appointment To Discuss Your Needs And Get Options

We understand that talking about Final expenses and funerals is not easy to do..

A good place to get started is our complimentary guide to funerals and final expenses which allows you to start researching and planning for your final expenses at home. 

No need to visit a funeral home or feel pressured to buy anything until you know what type of end of life celebration you want and what financial provisions you already have in place and how much more is needed…if any?

This short ebook comes with worksheets that helps you understand the costs involved in planning a funeral so you can start making some important financial decisions today and alleviate that burden from your family later.

Download "8 Important Things to consider to make funeral planning easy on your family"