Too much Debt keeping you from saving for the future?


Too many people never build the kind of wealth they always dreamed of to leave a legacy to their family, retire in comfort, travel, start a business or leverage their capital to take advantage of other wealth building opportunities because they are stuck paying interest to debt they currently have.

Once you get rid of debt  you free up more of your capital to put towards your future financial goals. 

Whether that is starting a business, growing more wealth through investments or having enough to survive retirement, paying off your debt can help you control your finances on your terms and not the banks

Why is Debt a Problem?

Interest Expense

The average individual pays 34% of the money they earn in a lifetime out to interest. This interest goes to cars, credit cards, student loans, mortgages, all the things we finance is interest out of our pockets!

Tax Expense

Then we pay taxes. About $.40 of every dollar the average American earns goes to taxes. Everything from income tax,  sales tax, capital gains tax, gas tax, estate tax etc.

Living Expense

Approximately 26% of our earnings goes to pay for everything else like vehicles, clothes, insurance, gas etc. We call this Lifestyle money. 

Of this amount 3% is going toward savings. In order to reach future goals something has to change.

Most financial advisors concentrate on the 3% savings.

They say… “You’ve got to save more money” 

but most people are unable….

Your Family Bank Solution

With the help of the “Your Family Bank” concept, we are able to focus on the problem, 34% going to interest and 40% to taxes.

If we could reduce the 34% going to interest and also reduce taxes…what would that mean to you?  

It would mean more of your finances going toward the lifestyle portion and would also free up cash to contribute towards savings!

Using the “Your Family Bank” 7 steps of Money Management, we can do just that.

Our Solution to getting You out of debt quickly...

We have partnered with Your Family Bank to help you gain control over your finances, get out of debt quickly and save you more money for the future . 

Please contact us today to create an individualized debt pay off plan so you can keep more of the money you earn and save more so you can live the life you always dreamed.